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As we learn what the operational tasks are and how they work please post what you learn about it here so there is a central hub of information.

Operational tasks have been added to the game. Periodically offered by traders, these tasks can be accepted and completed during a limited timeframe (for example, 24 hours). Operational tasks are marked with a special clock icon on your task list.

Same as regular tasks, operational tasks are acquired from traders and after completing them you have to return to the same trader who gave you the task.

If you didn't manage to complete an operational task in time, it will be marked as failed. After some time, it will be replaced by a new operational task from a random trader.

Operational tasks with a daily completion time become available as soon as you reach level 5. At that moment, the first issue of operational tasks occurs and the timer for their completion starts.

The next operational tasks will be issued after the previous tasks’ completion timer runs out, regardless of success or failure. In upcoming patches, the mechanics of accepting those tasks and their timers will be adjusted and improved to ensure more convenience.

Operational task objective variety is based on a large number of additional conditions and their combinations. The difficulty of those objectives increases with the character level. In the current patch, the objectives are eliminating PMC operatives and Scavs, searching for certain items, and surviving on locations. In future patches the range of objectives and additional conditions is going to be expanded significantly.

The rewards for completing operational tasks are: experience, money, and various items.

Available operational tasks, their objectives and rewards are unique for each account.

In future patches the operational task system is going to be further developed to increase detail, ease of selection, cooperation, and taking into account player’s progress.

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