PSA: New Equipment 2.0 Article Confirms Demounting Kits Can be Bought for Credits

The prices are as follow:

5 Demount Kits – 215,500 credits – can be bought 3 times per account

25 Demount Kits – 1,000,000 credits – can be bought once per account

50 Demount Kits – 1.750.000 credits – can be bought once per account.

Missions to earn demounting kits are as follow:

Get top 10 xp on your team – get 3 demounting kits. Can be done 7 times in total.

In total for 3.395.500 credits you can get 90 demounting kits, and if you finish the extremely easy missions you will get 21 more demounting kits. Counting the 30 credited to everybody we will get a total of 141 demounting kits, or about 47 tanks' worth of equipment.

Granted, we won't be switching every equipment for the new equipment in this update, but still. Without spending any credits, you get 51 demount kits total, which is staggeringly small compared to some people's' garages.

NJ crunching the credit economy even more, WG!


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