PSA: Once you’ve dropped out of supercruise at a starport, physically target the starport and the target hologram will show arrows pointing to the mailslot.

I saw a comment thread about finding the mail slot that didn't mention this so I figured I'd make a post about it.

I've also watched several different videos about flying, fun facts, etc. and none of them mention this. I figure this isn't common knowledge, or not as commonly known as it should be. Forget finding which face spins counter clockwise. Forget looking for the face toward the planet.

Once you drop from super cruise, look at the station and hit the target button on it. My guess is when you're in super cruise and lock destination to the station, it targets some imaginary location marker or something. When you're in normal flight, you're able to lock on to the actual physical station. This also happens automatically when you request docking. Once you point at the station and target it, or select it under contacts, the little hologram shows an arrow on each face and they point to the mail slot, except the face opposite of it.


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