Salvation’s Appeal for Guardian Artefacts (Community Goal)

Greetings Commanders!

Community Goal Ferry (H4F-8TL)

Fleet Carrier H4F-8TL (temporarily named 'Community Goal Ferry') will be travelling back and forth from the Bubble (Mandh) to the Community Goal turn in (PMD2009 48) and the Guardian-Thargoid Battlefield (Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2) to load up on Guardian Artefacts.
At the bottom of this post will be the FLIGHT PLAN.

Key things to know:
-Buy orders will be up for surplus artefacts at the GT Battlefield to store for community.
-ANYONE may buy the Guardian Items from the Carrier in PMD2009 48. Absolutely ZERO Items are held back or withdrawn for personal turn in.
-The community goal system is >1000ly from the bubble, tritium donations would be helpful this time, but obviously in no way required.
-Once the Community Goal has been met, an extra trip will be made from the CG system to the Bubble.
-If a parking spot is not available in a target system, updates to the location will be made on reddit at r/EliteCG.
-Carrier also offers full shipyard and outfitting to aid in this endeavor.
DON'T FORGET TO BOOKMARK THE CARRIER FOR EASIER TRACKING. (and it wouldn't hurt to bookmark the reddit post ( r/EliteCG ) too.)
Spread the word and see you out there Commanders!

Carrier is currently located in MANDH for initial boarding call. Daily flight plan will commence on June 27, 3307 @ 12:00 and will continue until Community Goal is complete.

DAILY FLIGHT PLAN (Galactic Time):
…to PMD2009 48 @ 02:00
…3 Jumps to Mandh @ 03:00
Layover @ Mandh for boarding and refueling.
…3 Jumps to GT Battlefield @ 12:00
…to PMD2009 48 @ 16:00
…to GT Battlefield @ 17:00
…to PMD2009 48 @ 21:00
…to GT Battlefield @ 22:00


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