Summary from EA Play

I wrote down the major points while watching the livestream, here they are:

  • Double XP weekend is current.

  • L Star: is a Gold laser gun that comes from care packages. Can break down doors.
  • There will be 2 New hop ups, and the Mozambique will utilize these somehow.

Season 2 Battle Pass "Battle Charge"

  • Battle pass has daily and weekly challenges that "stack", meaning you can come back after let's say a month and complete the challenges you left behind.
  • Getting rid of badges (Such as "Level 60" badge being the reward) and stat trackers (Like "Season 2 kills" etc.)
  • More skins throughout.
  • Enough crafting materials for making a legendary skin by the end.
  • 4 Legendary skins in battle pass: Caustic, Octane, Spitfire Skin, 2 R201 Skins at the end (like the havoc in season 1)

Ranked mode coming for Season 2

  • There will be 6 ranked tiers: Bronze > Apex Predator
  • End of season players will get rewards based on tier.


  • Tactical: Makes electric fences that damage and slow enemies, can place 12 of these "nodes". When an enemy runs through, it pings your whole squad. Teammates can run through this, disabling it temporarily. These fences can block doors perfectly.
  • Ultimate: Places an "Interception Pylon" that destroys incoming grenades, gibraltar ults, etc. as well as healing your squad's shields.
  • Passive: Ultimate Accelerants give 100% charge to Wattson

  • Hints at changes to the map based on the leviathans/flyers

Watch the livestream here:

I recommend ignoring the twitch chat, it's filled with fortnite ethnocentrists and is really toxic overall.

Let me know if there's anything major that I missed.


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