Super Good Advice: The Double Tap (not what you think)

I've been playing a lot of EDO, and until yesterday I didn't know this, and maybe YOU didn't know this either, so I figured I'd share and hopefully get a few CMDRs a couple of extra credits.

When you take an "Eliminate Scavengers" mission, you'll note that you get a modest bounty of a few hundred or a thousand credits for each kill. Those bounties are a dirty, dirty lie put into the game solely to lull us into a false sense of security. After you kill a scavenger, double tap them by taking out your profile scanner and scanning their rapidly cooling body. That is how you collect the REAL bounty, the highest I've seen so far was around 40,000 credits.

Scan every one of your kills. The same holds true when you're raiding settlements: scan every settler you kill, because a lot of them have bounties and you'll pick up a bunch of extra cash.

It's not gonna make a huge difference to those of us who have more money than we know what to spend it on, but hopefully for newer CMDRs starting out this might speed up the fattening of their money reserves.



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