Thargoid Incursion in the Bubble, 130Ly from SOL

FALSE ALARM, Thargoid interference affect the new app.

The battle continues in Pleiades, Witchhead and Coalsack.

EDIT: AXI updated the app, we have a priority.

  • Gliese 58: 4 Empire factions
  • Priviatem: 1 Empire faction
  • HIP 4024: 1 Empire faction
  • Songbe: 1 Empire and 1 Fed Faction

This systems are at 130Ly, and dont have Barnacles. They come for us. We need the support of everybody, Salvation and Aegis supporter.

Inara don't show the damaged stations, the database isn't updated.

Good luck to everyone. o7

Edit: u/bananaz_to_the_moon report no NHSS or AXCZ in gliese 58, could be a false alarm.


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