The New Map is Fake, and Here’s Proof

Hey Legends.

Before I get started I wanted to mention how I know this leak is fake. I've been involved in many communities for a long time that constantly gets stuff "leaked", the main one being the smash community. I've seen a lot of fake leaks and some of them have even convinced me. With this knowledge, I'm going to explain why this new map is a complete farce, from top to bottom.

1 "Fire and Ice"

This is more of a nitpick than anything, but nothing currently in the game have 3 words in their short description. Only two. This is likely a design choice and wouldn't be overridden on their first post-launch Legend. "Fire and Ice" is also incorrect grammar, it would be Fire-Ice, with the hyphen.

2 Differences in The Two Leaks (From The Same Guy)

Looking at the original "Leak" map here and the curreneak of the map here. The ones that stick out to me are the lack of the "green glow" from his eyes, the pouch on his right that, although could be there, would still appear under the blur, and the lack of any of the wires coming off him. As these seem to be his main defining trait, you'd want to show these in the example model.

3 Symmetry is Ignored

A very important part of designing apex is symmetry, so it's not easy to tell which direction they're facing at a distance. However, Fire and Ice seems to ignore this, with both sides of him being noticeably different.

4 Nothing to show what the map is

This one is self explanatory. There are no leaked images that actually show the map

5 Black is the new Black

The current map has vast areas, in order to help distinguish them in the large number of bright areas in the map. This map , however, is only dark because it doesn't exist.

6 Hue shift

Again self explanatory. It's that basic common sense people.

7 Reverse image search

Try reverse searching images of the map. You get nothing because its not real.

8 The abilities don't mesh with Apex

With the first map, there was a noticeable attempt to not "hard counter" any existing map. However, this new map would go directly against the current one.

9 "Battle Pass"

The Battle Pass text Reads "Fire and Ice", as seen at the top of the image, is horrendously misaligned. Obviously added in post by someone who likely didn't think anyone would look too far into it.

10 Searching For a Game

This is the kicker for me. In order to connect to the EA servers, you have to get your version checked. If there's a mismatch, you won't be able to search for a game under any circumstances. As this would be the next version of the game, you would never get to the "Matchmaking" popup.

So yeah, that's what I personally picked up being wrong with the new map . If you're a youtuber and want to make a video with what I've said here, don't.

This is a parody of this post about octane right before season one


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