They have listened to us,at long last

the devs have done real good with this season and man is this great for the game

  • first of all they are buffing low tier legends like mirage(even if it's not perfect),octane,caustic,and now lifeline instead of nerfing high tier one's and this is real good for the meta and for the community completely exhausted from seeing their lain's become poop

-second of all they did it, they are bringing cross platform. Now i know some of you don't give a s*** but this is so important for a part of the community i think apex will be reborn like the new jesus christ and thousands of pld players will come buzzing around the game like flies that found that shit to sour 5 month ago.

  • and at last they have found a way to maintain activity during the season without the need to shit code like a printer, the story mode is a great addition to the game and i am glad i survived the chaotic desert of season 4 so that today i can watch apex and tell myself i fucking love this game

so a great thanks to the devs(even if you little punks stole skull town from me)


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