Why do you always have to tweak and recheck ALL your settings every update in order to be able to properly play the game?


I can't understand why every fkn company always has the wrong priorities. Always the same "goal". short or mid term moneymaking. and if they want money, just make sure you have a) a smooth game to play without 10000 errors and bugs and what fucking not. And 2) add a balanced, competitive environment. All the rest is bonus (if you have extra time). I do not need eye candy, i do not need an extra map, i do not need lousy skins, SMOOTH gameplay and a GOOD competitive environment.

Now again, first we barely get updates, okay. Now they update (after a delay) and AGAIN the gameplay is worse. (FYI 16 gig ram, nvidia 1050gtx ti, octocoreprocessor,… TLDR: a more than decent computer than their avg potential customer/player has).

Now i've been busy since february tweaking and adjusting. Longest period with zero problems was 2 weeks. Patch drops (not too mention the deletion of the exeg.file, amazing btw) and we can restart again because YES i can play, NO i cannot play the way it should be. Microstutters again, laggy sound, and fps drops completely random to 45fps ish from 120+

Like, why make it so hard to play a fkn game? Is too much to ask after 4 months of being live to just be able to play smoothly? We should not even be mandatory to tweak settings, make sure the game just runs PROPERLY.


A tired customer/gamer who is deeply dissapointed in the way companies treat their games. Most games, great potential -> lousy short term thinking.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bx32y3/why_do_you_always_have_to_tweak_and_recheck_all/

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