5 man squads should be replaced with 4 man

This patch I am running into more and more groups of 5 enemies teamed together. 4 people is usually too much to handle and they will win the fight the majority of the time, but at least you have a chance. 5 people is just flat out silly. It doesn't make sense to let half the map's player population be on a team while the rest are free-for-all. (Since most maps allow 6-12 players).

Just had an instance where I ran into a 5 man on interchange. I saw them, set up an ambush, was able to take 3 of them out before they knew where I was. Then I went to reposition and if there were only 1 more person, it was possible. Since there were 2 more of them, they just pinched me and traded one of them for my life. This was a fun fight and got my adrenaline going, but here's the issue:

Most players in this game play solo/duo/trio and I think its silly that you can have 5 terminators running around with zero fear of their gear being lost because if they die their buddies will almost definitely win the fight and grab their gear for them. 4 person squads just makes more sense because the maps/player count are all so small.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e0nhv3/5_man_squads_should_be_replaced_with_4_man/

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