A bit of updated feedback on my odyssey experience – ok it was pretty cool.

Before I start, I am still mad about factors and features of odyssey, but I'm not here to drag them back up and complain more, just wanted to share an account of a small but really…cool experience that I had when I logged in about an hour or so ago.

I'm parked in Jameson's at the minute, not really sure on my next move. Thinking I might outfit a planetary rover ship or start offering out free rides on the luga as a faster and more luxurious option to taking an apex, I dunno. Either way I'm sending for my ships so I can take a look at them and see what I can do.

On that note, for those not in the know, you can summon your ships from elsewhere by going to the ship shop. That had me confused for a few before I figured it out.

So anyway, I was wandering around the concourse, shopping for suits and guns, checking out the other stores and stuff, and I saw another Cmdr standing at the far window watching the ships come in. I was playing on mobile so had no meaningful Comms, so I just walked over and stood near him. He turned to me and gave a nod, I gave one back (I think, I just looked down and then back up), and we stood and watched the station for a bit. It was quietly wholesome.

Then my real life new recruit woke up for food so I logged out, but it was a really cool experience to actually meet another Cmdr.

That is all. Still mad about some stuff, but that was cool.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nl2t2m/a_bit_of_updated_feedback_on_my_odyssey/

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