A game mechanic to start a new “bubble” like Colonia anywhere entirely initiated by players

It would be neat to have a game mechanic for players, using their fleet carriers in a coordinated fashion, to plant a seed that grows into actual stations and settlements appearing in an area of space.

Perhaps it is triggered by a certain density of carriers in a given area of space, probably in one system to start, performing a certain level of economic activity for a certain length of time. Perhaps a well chosen resource-rich system (with water worlds, earth-likes, pristine rings) factors into the equation and makes the "spawning" happen faster. When the level of economic activity and density is reached, Frontier will announce in Galnet that some group or rich person has decided to invest in so-and-so system and things like stations and settlements and resource extraction zones start appearing.

Frontier would pick the faction that first is present in the system but the commander whose carrier was there the longest and performed the most economic activity has the first right of refusal to create a player-made faction there, followed by the next commander and so forth.

Players could even place imaginative ads trying to get people in the the Bubble come "to the this wild, untamed Frontier space" to settle, much like the ads that were placed to get people to come west in the American wild west boon days.

Thoughts or further ideas?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ouwqoa/a_game_mechanic_to_start_a_new_bubble_like/

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