A list of needed QoL changes with reasons.


I am once again asking for the people to keep the comments civil please. A useful feedback is better than saying the same misused words.

Say all you want with your mistaken accusations of me defending epic. I dont care either. But dont come to me asking why a moderator in this subreddit taken action on you.

So yeah, beginning….but caution…the upcoming words are just a boring stop for you. If you are not interested. Just skip it.

Whats wrong? Why do i feel chills? I AM SCARED, PAPA GHOST BOSS!

HALT, you don't have to panic, but maybe because willow gave you some chills. Fine, ill ask her to play with Lok. Anyway, there are annoying things that happen when we play. From the infamous cancel interacting when getting damaged to the public match players not being aware of the elemental husk wave and still build out of metal in nature storm. Yeah i am looking at ya, ye bloody lynx mains! One day ya'll gonna stop staring at her or i shall bring me mallet! Anyway, i hope i didnt make you sleep yet. Because now it begins.

Hey papa ghost boss. What are the changes you are asking for?

Gather around, children of homebase. Because i am about to tell ya everything, in a story of an old journey i had when i was at your parents age.

  • Getting damaged shouldn't cancel interactions

Back in me ol'days, when that dead man's chest…no offense blakebeard…spawning in the middle of a beehive husk's trail. I thought i would be able to pick it up, but i was wrong. I do hope they remove it, my young ones.

  • while on hoverboard, you should be able to use your weapons, but no harvesting tools. And you shouldn't get off of it if being damaged.

Nowadays, you see them people with big hammers and jumping with swords. Maybe better yet anything that gives them that tiger run speed. Or seeing them outlanders and ninjas. Phasing and bunny hooping like its a race. Constructors and soldiers on the other hand were as slow as a slug, that caused their combat efficiency to drop by 68%. Maybe tweaking the ol'hover can perhaps one day increase their efficiency.

  • Make being able to pick up or interact with things when an ability is on. Like interacting with Ned when equipping goin commando.

Yes, thats right, young ones, my old friend used to activate his minigun, but he wasn't able to pick up the keys to descend into that cursed tomb. He was going to put the mission in japordy if i didn't pick them up myself. Technology wasn't there yet that day…

  • show the elemental storm when entering a mission where the husk wave will be randomised AKA any missions that are not mutant storm missions or 4-player missions.

This is where things get interesting, my young ones, them kids thinking metal is strong. But the storm showed otherwise when husks have spawned in nature form! We lost them to the storm that day and never heard of them again…

  • The user interface looking at weapons or materials needs to be scaled down.

The other side, my young ones, they had everything. And most importantly. The user interface. When i was aiming my weapon, that big window would block my sight if i was close to anything lying on the ground. Let it be a material or a weapon.

  • make two separate versions of event locations (i.e hexylvania in ventures and another one as normal missions)

There is a good day where the sun shines. But you get a thunderstormy day as well. I used to scout in them scary woods of vlad's region. Its a beautiful place, but i wasn't authorized to bring my own weapons. So i had to rely on spitfire's boomstick, the minigun! I want to visit that place again if they authorise me my weapons one day.

  • non defense PL160 missions, i.e eliminate and collect or destroy the encampments. But no resupply

them public matchrs forcing jailbuilds have dominated defense missions. They are doing absolutely nothing while sitting on their chair and drinking their juice. This is a great insult to Major Oswald's training. And i do hope those people will move out their ramps and do some productive job. Like fighting husks. Do not become one of them, young ones.

  • bring back the mini boss spawning sound effects

We may be great heroes, but there is a time where we fail as well. Because our early mini boss detection systems has stopped working since long. We are still waiting for Ray to repair it for us to this day…

  • Make blakebeard's stashes appear on the map and the mini-map

I used to play with blakebeard's peglegs. But sometimes i hear the spawning sound with no idea where it came from. Oh well, thats because our maps weren't upgraded yet.

  • make it so progress saves if we done the minimum objective targets in non-defense missions. So we can exit the missions directly. Like rescuing 6 survivors will bring an extraction zone. Defend it for 1 minute until extraction

Time was on our side, but sometimes we waste more time than being more efficient soldiers in the field. So we kept requesting Ray for an early extraction. But yet her coms goes dark when we mention it. Maybe there will be something like this one day, children

  • Make it so we sort the abilities order to our preference. Like adding phase shift on the first slot always. Unlocks at plankerton SSD 3

Sometimes we rely on our abilities too much that we activate the wrong ones frequently, i have once activated my ninja stars by accident on a single target when i switched my heroes, i would do anything to sort my abilities.

  • add a search bar in the schematics, heroes and hero loadouts section

Consider yourself in an old library, where nobody knows where a book is or where to put your borrowed books, until the miracle happened and Google invented something called a search bar. And to this day our life has been easier. Only its its still not in homebase.

And that's our end for the story for today, young ones. Its bedtime now. Thank you for listening and have a sweet dreams.

Will they listen to us, papa ghost boss?

That, we don't know yet, future homebase heroes. We never know until we see it with our own eyes.

Serious time here.

Yes, go ahead and roast me that i made so many dennis related things. But i don't care either. But you are free to disagree.

TL;DR: some quality of life changes needed to improve our gameplay.

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