A short story about something strange

Sorry I didn't take any SS just closed the game out of confusion and frustration shortly after it occurred so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I was just on interchange and after killing a player and sitting in a corner while I reloaded for a moment a grenade landed directly next to me and exploded the moment I heard the classic grenade noise, I survived due to some sort of geometry I was sitting up against I'm assuming, I actually didn't take any damage at all, it may have actually landed on the wall outside of where I was sitting, who knows. the quick detonation was confusing although of course it could've just been a VOG-25. shortly after the grenade went off, I stood up to jiggle peak outside of the room I was in to get some information (I have heard exactly nothing this whole time). After jiggle peaking once, I started taking some sort of full auto damage from something that sounded suppressed and I died in about 2-3 shots.

At this point, nothing really seemed that strange. Although when I saw the death screen and noticed that there was no name next to "KILLED IN ACTION" which would normally mean that you, in-fact, killed yourself. This is of course impossible however because I didn't even have any grenades of my own, and I never even fired my weapon after the first kill I got, so that rules out the incredibly unlikely ricochet theory. Also it's important to mention that I never even was offered the chance to view my health status screen to see what exactly killed me, just hit next a few times and landed back at my stash.

Just curious if anybody could make some sense of this, I know yesterday a few maps including Interchange had some issues. Maybe they are still fucked even today?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l457lx/a_short_story_about_something_strange/

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