AI mode and progress

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why cant we just progress against AI modes? recently i'm playing runeterra and i feel like there is no reason for not progressing in AI matches in here, be it daily quests, seasonal quests or contracts

like who didnt get matched with a player who filled their decks with a single type of card/keyword and won but the game was just meaningless because there wasnt a actual game it was just a player trying to complete their quests like use x artifacts, boost x units with vitality, damage x units with bleed, add x amount of armor, won x games with a faction and then ppl just use the best deck atm for it

usually i do a deck who can complete those things in a normal gameplay like an actual natures gift list, an actual dwarf list but sometimes i just jam cards with the keyword required and yep lets complete it

in runeterra we can complete things VS IA and the IA has actual decks to play, not just random cards, sure they arent optimized neither very good, but they are just good enough so u can actually lose sometimes lol

its also good for when u either want a fast game (since here the time opponent can use seems like infinitelly more even tho some games have the same leght as in lor), or then u want something u can play in a moment u are doing other things and maybe has to leave mid game, want complete some things as i mentioned, or just want a game VS AI


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