Custom Among Us Ruleset: “Manhunt”

Impostors: 1
Impostor Vision: 0.25x
Crewmate Vision: 5x
Kill Cooldown: 25s
Kill Distance: Short
Recommended Players: 5-10
I recommend Polus, but it’s up to you.
(Customize anything else, such as player speed, task bar updates etc.)

Start your first round by choosing who is going to be hunted (I’ll refer to them as “Yellow”). Everyone else will then give said person 30 seconds to run and hide. The crewmates, having much better vision, will act as the impostor’s eyes.
After the 30 seconds are over, the crew will attempt to help the impostor locate and kill “Yellow”. Everyone is allowed to use cams, admin, and doorlogs.

To help the impostor, the crew will tell the impostor things such as “Yellow is in Storage” or “Go down/up/left/right”. Yellow can hear this, so it is advised that they take this as a warning and leave whichever area they happen to be in.

Once the impostor has successfully located and killed “Yellow”, they will immediately report the body, then allow the remaining crewmates to vote them out.

•“Yellow” will never win. the impostors crew have no incentive to do tasks, so the bar will never fill. It is simply about the thrill of locating “Yellow”.

•This game is only playable if on a call or physically in a room with others.

•The impostor cannot sabotage in any way.

•After playing your first round, easily choose who you will hunt next by hunting whomever was the impostor in the previous round.

•If a member of the impostor’s crew is accidentally killed, their ghost will continue to attempt to help the impostor. avoid killing on purpose in order to have a crew member with ghost abilities (i.e walking through walls).


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