AI ‘shoot’ differently from players?

Hi guys, my first reddit post (yeah I was a lurker at first).

It's come to mine, and other players' attention that scavs show different behavior compared to players. We have noticed that scavs are able to hit you even if their gun isn't directly able to hit you.

In this streamable you can see that one player is being shot by a sniper scav, which only shows a part of it's head over the edge. This would mean that the gun is shooting at the flooring and might not be able to penetrate whatever flooring said scav is standing on, thus meaning that the scav shouldn't be able to hit the player.

Now, in game terms that would mean that the AI is programmed to calculate whether it's hitting something or not through a raycast from the character's head. What a raycast is precisely will be explained in this source.

Now what I'd like to know is, what does the community think about this? Share your experiences and thoughts. If this is a real problem, let's make BSG notice this.


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