Amazing hatchling solution by Onepeg

Since we're passionately talking about the hatchling problem, I feel like Onepeg's solution to hatchlings needs much more traction than it got, and it's honestly the best one I have ever heard.

Let's face it, the game has a hatchling problem, players who play the game as not intended. Most of the proposed solutions hurt hatchlings also hurt the new and unexperienced players aswell (ie. the ability to fully, or partially lock the secure containers).

However Onepeg's solution, proposed in his video: sugggest a fee to be paid before the raid, to be able to use a secure container, (maybe in the same screen as insurance), which should be a percentage (1-5%) of player's total stash value. He goes more in depth into this in the video.

So that new and poor players, the ones that really need the secure container, will pay very little to actually use the secure container, but the players who are currently abusing the system of a secure container, will pay much higher total value before the raid, to use the magical prison wallet.

This fee could be decreased significantly, if you bring actual gear into the raid (play the game is intended).

This suggestion will really just punish the true loot goblins, the ones with stash value in the millions, rushing the high loot spawns and abusing the current system.

TLDR: Players should pay a fee which is equal to a given % of their total stash value to use a secure container before the raid (this fee should decreased if you bring gear into the raid).


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