An apology. And the importance of community.

I've been… negative… about this game. And as cheesy as it sounds, Rays voicelines in the Battle Ray-ale mini quest helped me realize that.

"Ive been so focused on the world ending that I forgot about new beginnings. And sure they're awkward and messy, but so what? Maybe life isn't about perfection."

We all have our own ideal utopian version of what Save The World should be. From the story to the gameplay. And many of us, myself included, are arrogant enough to think our version is the best version. But getting wrapped up in that ideal makes us lose sight of the game that we have now, and more importantly, the people that we play the game with.

With that in mind. There are some people I feel I need to apologize to. u/Magyst u/DemonJoeFrance u/RoundedTikTak and Isherwood

I said some mean and unnecessary things about those people in "the post". Magyst replied to that post. And things got very toxic. I then deleted that post to spite everyone.

Looking back, it was all very foolish. All of it. And I deeply regret the things I said. And I feel a sense of guilt for pushing those content creators into leaving the community, either directly or indirectly. For some it's ancient history but I think about it a lot.

Save The World is not my game. It's not Magysts game. It's not Joes or Tiktaks or Isherwoods. It's not even Epics game. Save The World is OUR game. Because we ALL play it (or have played it). And we all want to contribute towards it in some way. It's ours to shape together.

It's my sincere hope that a new generation will come to discover what an amazing game Save The World is. And for that new generation to not be burdened from the mistakes of the past.

That is what it means to share the world. And in the future whatever the devs decide to do with the game from a design standpoint, I will 100% support. Because I truly believe that they feel the same way.


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