Another day, another Syndicate rant

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Sorry to add to the anti SY vibes.

But I just lost what I thought was a very close game against lined pockets. It doesn't matter which faction I was, since the result would've been the same. Last 2-3 moves from my opponent. Salamander to poison all 5 units I had on the board, then a Renew on the last turn to bring back the Salamander which had been randomly pinged by a Cat Witcher hit.

So despite being ahead by quite a bit and even a card down going into that last round from my bleed (which got out Drill and all the usual suspects). Opponent only needed that card twice to poison all units twice wiping out an entire board aside from my last card.

The really annoying thing thinking back is that I mulliganed my purify row, think my opponent had used all their poisons the round before.

I really hate SY! I lost 9-5!



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