Another fn RAGE post must have read

It's totally fucking disgusting. I lost the stage after the wipe and you know what? That's brilliant. When you a noob and play with fully kitted arrogant machoterminators. You CAN'T. KILL THEM. Oh, you CAN'T EVEN SCRATCH THEM. Because 10lvl armor with helmet visors train wide so them can ram you with fucking head only. While i was writing this, i went a raid again and you know what? I spotted a bloody snob first, hit him with single bullets the whole magazine. Pff please, you cockroach, dare you to touch my shiny 80lvl armor? You a pleb, with the cheapest bullets ever you can buy in traiders. Because what? I can't reach 10 lvl. I can't. I spawn, aware for nearby PMC spawns and ready for fight. Check every corner bushes listen for environment. No open spaces. Bitch please, die from headshot from nowhere. Or die from a tank with M60 bullets who shot you in the face while bunnyhopping upside down in the space while hitting a joint with his ass.

My survival rate longs for the lowest point. It laughs me in the face. I have some money only because of scav runs where i can loot some leftovers. But nothing for PMC runs. This bitch only accept muscular arnoldschwarzeneggers with the will of paladins. If you didn't play first days after wipe – go play cod. Again. That's right. Holy moly, i love this game much and still i ready to delete it lol. I'm sure after this post i go swearing and ready to demolish a fucking monitor or a table or whatever but i try again. Maybe i will write a letter to the UN to pass some convention to ban this game. Maybe don't know what. Sorry for raging. Just don't know how to master this game after watched tons of videos, streams, guides and whatever.


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