PSA: Imperial Station Damaged in PARESA, 4 Empire aligned factions inside

You could farm empire rep easy for the Imperial Cutter. Bring a big ship, buy your 3-4-5-6 Economic Cabins in the Rescue ship and some heatsink, and save those people.

Dyson City – in PARESA

We don't know the perpetrator yet, maybe the NMRA or Thargoid (Aegis/salvation don't report anything), or Jupiter Wrath (hit by the Federal FIA agents yesterday, but is very rare to attack the Empire instead Fed space).

Evacuation guide, as Best ship I recommend a Low Emision 5 I.Cutter if you have the rep, this ship have enough cooldown and never overheat inside the station.

You could collect the scrap flying inside the station, and pick mission in the Rescue Ship for extra Rep++. Use this post as reference.


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