Anti-Cheat Moderators

I’m fucking exhausted.

Yesterday I decided to play some Among Us to just unwind and decompress. And lo and behold I get into a lobby where 3 discord cheaters (one of them the host) are playing. I didn’t say a word and I sat there for about 45 minutes watching them one by one conspire against randoms. If one of them was impostor, all 3 would walk in a group, one would kill and then the other 2 would report and accuse someone who was nowhere near. They would even rat out the other impostor if needs be. If they were all crew… I don’t need to tell you.

Anyway I’m sick of it. This is a game that offers no rewards, no currency, no trophies, no achievements and absolutely no rankings. There are no merits to this fucking game. And yet we have sad cheaters like this.

I’m thinking of a slight solution but I’m sure it wouldn’t work. I know very little about game development so I’m sure someone in the comments will tell me it’s a shitty idea.

What if we had moderators in the game? What if people were playing to catch discord cheaters and had the ability to ban them for a set period? They would have a different app, specifically modified for this, with a password and a key that only they would know. I’m aware that it would have to be people employed by the developers. Responsible adults who wouldn’t abuse it. So say for example, you come across a lobby with 2 cheaters, you ban their IP or whatever for one month. If they re-install, it won’t lift the ban (I’ve seen this mechanic work when you are banned from lobbies).

It’s not a perfect idea. Probably would never work. What do you think?


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