Any Vikings looking for a server?…

We had a great first season of our server and I thank each one of you that joined and contributed. We are moving forward to season 2 starting tomorrow. We will be running mods and if any of you would like to join we would love to have you.

We have a couple of rules regarding the server but nothing too much.
1. Treat everyone with respect with both VC and in-game chat.2.

  1. Boss fights are community events and will be scheduled at a certain time. (already defeated bosses do not apply to this rule.

  2. Wards are permitted to be used on any solo project but are not allowed in a community-building space.

  3. You are free to explore any biome you wish however you are not allowed to craft any items with materials from that biome if it exceeds the current level of the server biome.

  4. You must have the Visible to all players option turned on at all times.

  5. You are allowed to have one personal portal.

If you would like to join with and play with a community we would love to have you. All are welcome to the server. We look forward to making this the best season we have had. If you would like to join feel free to send me a DM and I will message you with the discord information.

The server mods that we will be running are the following:
AnyPortal –
Epic Loot –
Map Sharing Made Easy –
Plant everything –

We don't discourage other mods so feel free to use whichever mods you would like.


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