Anyone else feel like the mountain progress was pretty shallow?

Don't get me wrong, I loved the feeling and the vibe etc., but in terms of time spent? Apparently there's always a mountain near your spawn from what I've been told, and with the size of the silver veins, doing a run of silver back to base was pretty simple. You just run up the mountain with a cloak or a potion, build a portal, take the portal, mine silver, run down, dump it, smelt it, portal up, mine it, dump it, smelt it, repeat. Takes no time at all.

Compared to the amount of time it took me screwing around in the swamp, or the amount of time it's taken me so far in the plains, the mountain was unfortunately pretty lackluster as far as taking up my time in progression. I hope they'll flesh it out later and add some content or something to make spending more time here worthwhile. And I'm not even one of those players who wants to rush to endgame.


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