Anyone else permanently stuck with low behavior score?

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I used to be maximum behavior score for awhile. I have some bad matches where I stop trying my hardest to win so I go farm until I absolutely need to fight Because, enemy team is trying for high ground because, Team is losing every fight, getting picked over and over, enemy smurf is fed, Someone is greifing, etc.

But I get reported? Okay I have low behavior score now whatever, (less than 5k pretty bad I know)

I go into games trying to just win and raise my score. But every games is so toxic and bad it feels impossible.

2-3 griefers every game blocking camps with wards running it down lanes feeding abandoning destroying items.

That one guy who thinks hes god (rank legend) and spam pings everyone. Then reports them for any mistakes.

Anytime anything slightly out of alignment with what your teammates believe should happen instantly triggers 5 man reports from your whole team out of spite and rage. Miss a stun? reported. Accidently misclick two observer wards in the same spot? reported. Your teammate gets killed on the opposite end of the map in the enemy jungle by themselves? Believe it or not, reported.

Every game ends with with everyone getting 5+ reports it feels like. 30+ min queues for 50 min where everyone on your team says they want to f**k your mom? Call you a racial slurs? Compare you in every way possible to a dog? Read out your full name and address and send a bitcoin assassin to UPS a pipebomb to you? then grief and afk?

I'm like a C-tier support player but I'm trying my best.

I play several games in a row I check my behavior score and 0 reports. I play one more match I check and I have 6 reports. In that same game the position 4 and 5 blocked camps with wards, AFK followed you around, ran it down lanes, and used colorful language to describe my gameplay.

I don't even report people back I've just accepted this infinite loop.

Is anyone else having this problem?


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