Anyone else want more purchasable customizations for the main leaders?

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The season pass is cool and all, but I seriously just want customization options other then a color swamp for the leaders I use, and honestly I'd like to see more for even the ones I don't use. Eist, Princess Adda, Francesca are the ones I'd love to get more options. I know Fran had one a bit ago, but compared to the stuff from the season pass it really wasn't much. Not to complain but it be really nice to have that as a option to buy stuff like that for the other leaders. If Svalblod had some options like armor to put on, or maybe a lil cursed bear man to have around his feet, I'd get that. I'm just looking for something to throw money at Gwent, cause I really do enjoy this game. So I thought I'd bring this up. Do anyone else want to see more of the leaders have more options on how they look? Cause I would be fine paying for some costumes. Cause man the store feels really bare bones for customizations to be honest, and some of them are even gone which sucks if you missed it. Maybe legal issues? I don't know. Did they do a Santa Clause Bran? Cause I feel that'd be a good skin. Maybe a Santa Emhyr being grumpy on a chair?


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