Ashlands and Deep North beachheads?

Right now I’m in a good place waiting for Hearth and Home. I haven’t taken on Yagluth yet. I just found a small plains biome island in the middle of the ocean (big enough for a house/dock…it’s actually two very close islands I’m going to connect with a small bridge). I have two tamed Lox on there ready for breeding.

Right now I’m just going to build my main base there and continue collecting materials.


I just ran across a description of flamemetal (had no idea this existed) and it got me thinking…

Once my island paradise is finished I might set out to the south and the north and set up a small camp with a portal. Has anyone else done this?

I figure once the update hits I’ll be ready to hit the ground running (plus there’s only so much room in my future larder for flour and other cooking mats).

I guess more than anything I’m also kind of curious what the people who are still playing are doing to pass the time. Are you just collecting mats foe the future update? Building out your base? Exploring?


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