Better Pc = Better Experience?

So I've been rocking a 4770k, gtx 970, and 16gb of ram for many years and until now, I have had no desire to upgrade. I've been playing eft since February and in that time I have experienced major stuttering and keyboard smashing issues that I have always assumed was the fault of my PC. Then about a month ago I started to restart my game after each raid, and all of a sudden the massive (1-5 second) stutters I was getting when I shot on occasion were gone. My issue is It's cyber monday, I already scored a 5600x back when I wanted to upgrade, and I have the money to spare. My issues are:

  • Since learning to restart, I enjoy my tarkov experience a ton, and no longer think hardware is holding me back to a meaningful degree
  • I play on medium settings, 1080p 60hz, I don't get 60 hz, but I get more than 30 and I am happy with it.
  • I am not excited for any new games, and don't want to upgrade for any reason other than EFT.
  • I do not want a GPU from last gen, and I don't think Ill get a 3000 or 6000 series in the next 6 months the way things have gone so far in their launches.

I know it is ultimately up to me and what I value, but I would love to hear some input from the community, especially if you were in a similar position where you went from a lower end setup to something higher end.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your raids!


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