Bonemass Was Easy

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I'm not posting to brag. I'm genuinely curious. Did they nerf Bonemass? I read about how hard he was and was anxious about going to face him. I even took off my belt so as not to lose it. But I solo'd him in one fight.

I had Iron armor and mace to 4, Banded shield to 3. I used poison resist and had several med health pots. I used Eikthyr bonus to run. I didn't use arrows at all. The only cheats I could say I had was using my hoe to give me a bigger arena and eating a serpent stew. I only had that because I had to kill a few serpents I accidently brought back to my dock. Otherwise turnip stew and sausages. I 1 hit the skellys and blobs he spawns, block/ kite his swings, then wailed on him. I ran around the alter when I needed a break. The mass poison cloud never bothered me.

Did I just get lucky or is he not that hard anymore?


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