Brand new CMDR here. I have been enjoying the game quite a bit and wanted to say hi, and ask for one piece of assistance.

Hello Everyone!

New CMDR here and I wanted to say hello! Elite Dangerous is my first MMO and my first space sim. I'm not new to gaming necessarily as I have been playing since Mario 3 and on PC since Doom 2 came out, but this thing, this Elite Dangerous, it's a beast all its own. I even have a HOTAS now ( T.16000M Flight Pack) I have been having alot of fun out there alone and with one other newbie but have ONE question:

Is there a better way to play together other than "winging up"? It seems we are often losing each other or the missions are more suited for solo play, except for the occasional low paying assassination missions, which can be a blast but are also pretty scary when you're left spinning in space with broken thrusters and you wingman can't find you. (I learned how to cannibalize and repair my Cobra though so that was a great mistake to make!)

Anyway, I've been enjoying reading the subreddit and been enjoying the game and just wanted to say howdy from what will hopefully be not the loneliest cowboy in space.

-DedLast as always



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