Bringing Faction Passives back to Gwent

witcher gwent cards

Faction passives were a cool way of creating a more unique feeling and like they have more identity, do you think they could fit into standalone gwent?

They would have to be smaller effects, and probably nothing that can draw cards like in witcher gwent. But there could even be multiple per faction and you choose one, in addition to the leader ability.

It would increase the options but also the complexity.

I came up with 3 examples for passives for each faction:

SK: All your damage-dealing units deal 1 more damage / Increase base power of all units entering your graveyard by 1 / Whenever you damage a friendly unit, boost it by 1.

NR: Once per turn, when a friendly unit receives a boost, boost a random unit in your deck by 1 / Whenever you play a Siege Engine, Spawn a 1-power soldier next to it / Every 3rd unit you play from your hand receives a shield

NG: You receive +15 provisions, but have to play 27 cards in your deck / Your opponents deck starts with 2 infiltrators on top / Whenever you play a card not from your starting deck, draw a card, then put a card on the bottom of your deck.

MO: Dominance: At the end of your turn, boost the highest unit on your side by 1 / Weather effects deal 1 bonus damage / If you lost the round, give the lowest base power friendly unit resilience.

SY: Hoard 8: Gain 1 coin at the end of your turn / Once you spent a total amount of 9 coins, spawn a tax collector on your ranged row / You now keep all of your coins between rounds

ST: At the start of round 1 and round 3, spawn a 1 power harmony engine on a random row / If you control 6 or more units with the same primary category, at the end of your turn, give a random unit on your side vitality 2 / Once per turn, if you destroy an enemy unit, boost a random unit in your hand by 1.

I dont claim these are balanced, and maybe they conflict with leader passives, but I thought it would be a really cool addition.


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