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I'm an NG main, but for a change I decided to try Firesworn after a long time and – it could just be the wrong meta – but let's say I didn't have much success. So I looked at the Firesworn card pool and tried to toss around a few considerations. As a general premise I think devotion, in small amounts, could be very useful to buff the archetype for two reasons:

  • Jacques and Ulrich push it into devotion already
  • most Firesworn cards are rather archetype specific, so it's fairly reasonable to assume there won't be any "Junior" type of situation.


  • Firesworn scribe: it's surprising this is still 5p when Tax collector, who is less conditional, is now at 4p. Granted it does have some advantages; it can be triggered more than once per turn with helveed/leader, it's not rowlocked and finally can be buffed to 6 with a 2 Coin tribute ability. Possible suggestion: remove tribute option, but make it 4p.

  • Eternal fire inquisitor: 7 for 5 with an unusual damage condition for Firesworn. Suggestion: rework

  • Cleric of the flaming rose: not a bad card, but due to the recent wave of buffs (and powercreep) it could use a 1 point buff

  • Keeper of the flame: could be a really strong card, but the current choice of clerics isn't that good

  • Eternal fire disciple: +1 point

  • Lonely champion: not much space for this card. Maybe if it was 5p, but had a secondary ability it would see more play.

  • Temple guard: doesn't support the archetype in any meaningful way


  • Lieurenant von Herst: good card, though it supports hidden cache more than congregate

  • Damnation: same as Eternal fire inquisitor

  • Prophet Lebioda: doesn't support the archetype in any way I can see

  • Sacred Flame. It might seem like a strange inclusion, but hear me out. Firesworn already has Dies Irae filling the same niche, twice and at the same provision cost. Meanwhile Firesworn is kinda railroaded into Novigradian Justice, which however works better with Cleaver Crimes due to crownsplitter synergies. My suggestion:

Sacred Flame [provisions increased], deploy: spawn Eternal fire Priest right of this this card. Order: spawn Eternal fire Priest left of this card. Devotion: gain zeal.
Or it could do the same, but with 4p clerics from the deck

Walter Veritas: add Firesworn category; create pool reduced to Firesworn units. (Buff slama!)



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