Calling all people who love DOTA and know how to code

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

The bad news:

Fandom has recently announced that they will be retiring the old wiki themes (, abruptly turning the dota 2 wiki from its old lovely self to a new, horrendous form (examples: (note added comments to images at bottom)

The good news:
Fandom doesnt exactly provide its own custom wiki software. All it does it host Mediawiki code, and so porting wikis out of fandom and onto a hosted website is not as hard as it might be (although not a walk in the park for sure) (recent success stories would be the runescape and osrs wikis, plus others)

The Ugly news:

I'm not a core dota 2 wiki maintainer, nor a particularly proficient webdev. So i'm not offering or demanding this be done; and don't have any authority behind this suggestion; but I think it's something that should be seriously considered given the direction fandom is going; which I can only presume will get worse and worse (just read this corporate branding nonsense drivel).

So hey, what do you think? I have asked the actual dota 2 wiki core maintainers about this, incidentally, via the discord; but it does seem somewhat dead.


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