Captain’s Mode strategies

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This post is mostly for finding people to play with, but I'd also like to discuss what kind of strategies there are for playing Captain's Mode? Like picking order, do you always pick supports first? Do you pick flexible heroes first? I.e. those that can play several positions? What kind of team plan do you make when you pick heroes?

I enjoy playing Captain's Mode but I have not been able to find a party to play with, the regular mode or Captain's Mode. Despite having posted quite a few of these LF messages of various sorts into various places (including all facebook groups I could find, all discord servers that were reasonably big and DOTA themed, and then the reddit pages..), but I'll just have to keep trying. One major problem is that those people who end up contacting me, are almost always Russia trolls, but the absence of other people is even a bigger issue. Like where are all the normal folk? This is related to the problem I've mentioned, I got into trouble with the Russian security services. Anyway I want to find people.

Anyway, add me if you like: 1140726503 and invite me to party. Also I'm a Herald.

So, what's your plan for Captain's Mode?


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