card reveals afterthought #6 – rat catcheress & gan ceann

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every card is strong while hyped, do you think the same the day after? that's why i wanted to share my thoughts about them after getting a good night of sleep to think about them.

premises: 1) monters is my second most played faction 2) only touched it a few times in the last few patches 3) giff back crone-trol.

you can find the new cards here.

previous episodes: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5.

when the new cards got revealed the only thing i could think of was: carryover monsters is back babyyyyyyyyy. no? no.

for everything i say down here, remember that woodland spirit have the relict tag.

-rat catcheress: 9p7p, whenever this unit is damaged reduce it's base power by 1. sabbath: cancel the ability above. whenever you play a relics increase this unit's base power by 1.

similar cards: pugo boom-breaker, goliath.

good additions: 3 crones, whispess: tribute, miruna, succubus, caretaker, ihuarraquax, force of nature leader, penitent.

this card is a mix between pointslam and an engine as it can grow with time after you play it, given you have sabbath, or you may discover that pings do more than 1 point of damage since they they will reduce future ozzrel value, also beware of tyrggvi.

final verdict: not much to say, it's good in thrive decks as an unconditional 9 for 7 and possibly a bit more or in relict decks given that MO will get enough reworks in the future to support it. yesterday i thought that it could be better carryover than yghern for ozzrel but you need to play at least 4 other relicts without any damage going it's way, it's an ok card that can be played for pointslam or thrive value, if you have 7 provisions and need an high power card for whatever reason play it since it can also be pulled over by penitent.

-gan ceann: 5p5p, deploy: increase this unit's base power by 2 for each adjacent relicts.

similar cards: griffin

good synergy: ghoul, ozzrel.

i've been staring at my screen long enough to make mold in the attempt to think what to say about this card but nothing much come to my mind as it's abilities are as plain as it can be. a 5 for 5 that play as a 9 for 5 with 2 other adjacent relicts, good thrive value and graveyard carryover for ghoul and ozzrel, that's all.

final verdict: i don't know man, i don't think it will see light in any decks without proper relict support as griffin can do the same thing in fruit decks and it's less situational.

wow, 3 days ago i probably wrote my longest analysis for gherart and casting contest while now i was struggling to find things to say about them, i have to admit i'm kinda underwhelmed by the monster set, don't take me wrong, she who knows and witch apprentice are really good, apart from crone mommy all the others feels so plain and vanilla i can't even form a coherent argument without using few words and concluding with that's it, we have the beast 2.0, great value griffin and generic pugo.

thanks for reading up to this point, have a great day.

edit: wow, thanks a lot for my first silver!


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