Ch. 4: The Suspicious Color

Black Was An Impostor. 1 Impostor Remain.

Brown: Ey, everybody get to their tasks! We need to complete every task so we can win! Ghosts, if you can hear me, get to ur task! Now!

"Hey Notroll, I think Brown seems really sus to me…"

"Yea, me too, but we cannot just call an emergency meeting for that! Maybe we should spy on him 1st."

"No, let's just do our tasks now."

5 tasks later…

"Phewwww. I think I'm almost done with ta-


"I SAW BROWN VENT!" said Green.

"Don't be a jerk, you were the one who did it but it's SO hard to admit that you leveled a step into that dark vent that could easily crush anybody's airbag in a second, so how would I be in there? I am just a normal human. You, are a snitch, which means you are a rat. You are not human, so only you could've went into that vent." said Brown.

"How much IQ does this idiot have?" Green was infuriated.

"I have none, which is just enough to boot ur flimsy butt into space since you all have negative IQ!" Brown privately said to Green.

Green Was Not The Impostor.

"Hey, REDRUM, would you like to come with me for a surprise?"

"No, me and Notroll are going to finish ta-

"Oh, that can wait for later. I want you, only you to come with me into electrical so I can show you a huge surprise," said Brown.

"Well, that's really sus. You said that we should get our tasks done, and now you don't? I don't know what to do. Maybe you guys can help me make a decision?"

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