Pitch this game to a FPS noob

(This is unconventional, but hear me out.)
I’ve been a pretty competitive person for my whole gaming life, but I’ve also been a Nintendo (and occasionally PC) guy my whole life. I used to reject the idea of FPS’s because of the bad reps of games like COD and the uninspired-seeming graphics of many games in the genre. Right now, I’m a high-level competitive Splatoon 2 player- 90% of you guys probably don’t know what that game is or how great of a competitive game it is- but anyway it’s a 4-v-4 team shooter on the Switch, fantastic game, and that’s how I started getting interested in trying out other more conventional shooter games. I know basically nothing about this game, and I just saw the subreddit recommended and read the description. So if anyone can give me a pitch on why they like the game and the basics of it, I’d be happy and try it out and possibly join the community.
Edit: Please, before you gatekeep this game and community, realize that even though I haven’t played an FPS before, I have played challenging games before, and I like having to get used to a world of new concepts and controls. So if you think I wouldn’t like this game just on the basis of it being a hard FPS, or that I play Nintendo games, you’re wrong. I haven’t even gotten a straight answer as to what this game is about and its best qualities yet.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kodmsy/pitch_this_game_to_a_fps_noob/

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