Changing the Journey system to be DLC rather than a battle pass

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I've never understood the praise that BPs got. Back in the day you'd buy DLC/expansions and you would keep it forever, it'd have content that you unlock through achievements and progression. Not only that but you would keep it forever, there wasn't a time limit that locked you out if you didn't complete it and you could buy previous expansions if you missed out on it's release.

I've always hated time limited content, I get that it's only cosmetic and people want it to be ExCluSivE. I just don't get how people don't see this as anti-consumer.

Halo Infinite is probably the best example on how to do a battle pass. You can buy previous BPs and complete them in your own time. As someone that doesn't have all day to play a game like the idiots that defend BPs, I would really appreciate if CDPR copied Halo.

Especially with the recent middle finger that CDPR gave with the current journey (shortening it) this 'fix' would be the best move. Defending such a system is ridiculous.

Let us complete the Journey whenever we want.

Let us buy the Journey whenever we want.


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