Characters That Deserve Cards #8 – Weekend Lore Ramblings

Yennefer's Journey

Yesterday's post was covering some merchant/businessman, today I'm kinda staying in this topic. This isn't going to be the longest post, so let's get into it.

Yurga – a merchant from the Lower Sodden, he made a shortcut through Miechunowe Uroczyska and was attacked by the monsters, that later became Nekkers in games. Geralt saves him and his wagon (Yurga told the witcher that he would rather die than leave the wagon) and asked about what he wants as a reward, Geralt uses the law of surprice, but was seriously wounded and infection spread into the wound. Yurga put him on the wagon and gave him his hallucinative potions that made him fell into coma. Later none other than Geralt's mother took care of him. When the witcher woke up, he thanked Yurga for not leaving him and letting him die, to which the merchant responds that it's just a human thing to do and everybody would do the same. Then he tells him about the battle of Sodden, and mentions the names of the mages who fought there and tells him that everyone in Sodden knows those names. On the witcher's request, he takes him to the obelisk that commemorates the fallen mages where Geralt passes out in the sun and has a dream where he talks to Death. When they reach Yurga's home, his wife, Złotolitka tells him that she adopted a little girl from the druids and asks him to not be mad about it because the girl helps her work. The girl turns out to be Ciri and Gerlat takes her to Kaer Morhen. The other things we know about Yurga is that he had two sons – Nadbor and Sulik, and servants Pokwit and Vell. Also his wife was much youger than him and he didn't wear a beard. It is assumed that he and his family was murdered by Rience who was looking for Ciri.

Codringher and Jakub Fenn – two "attorneys" from Dorian in Temeria, who ran an attorney office "Codringher and Fenn". Despite the name, their services didn't have much in common with the law (they rather avoided the law enforcers)- they specialized in many things – they could get someone out of prison by destroying the evidence or changing witnesses' statements, they could arrange an "accident" to your business competitor, they could make you win succession cases by making other interested parties witchdraw etc.. They had magical door knocker and clever anti-burglary security features. Codringher had yellowy-green eyes like his cat, and he was seriously ill, the ilness made him cough blood, he says that he is a modern type of witcher that fights motherfuckers insted of monsters. Geralt hires him to find information about Rience, which he does, he also introduces the witcher to his partner, Jakub Fenn (which was believed by most of the clients to be nothing but a made up persona for Codringher to avoid creditors, because Fenn never left his workplace), a cripple midget with large head, moving on a wheelchair. They found out that Duny, Ciri's father wasn't a son of Prince Akerspaark or at least not a legal one, making Ciri's rights to Cintrian throne very weak. Codringher also found a noble Cintrian girl who looks very similar to Ciri, the False Cirilla, and offers to give her to Ciri's stalkers instead of the real one, to which Geralt refuses. He shows Geralt an orion – throwable metal star-shaped weapon, which makes the witcher bet that he will be able to dodge an orion thrown by Codringher. The subject of a bet was that if Geralt wins, Codringher will study elven manuscripts and find information about the elder blood. Codringher takes the bet, but misses on purpose. Both attorneys are killed in their office by Schirru and his thugs at the time of the mage convention on Thanedd. Fenn tries to fight back with an arbalest, but is killed and the office gets burned down by Schirru.


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