Cheat or Quit? That is the question…

So, I find myself exploring the ocean in my longboat with all of my most powerful weapons (bronze) and armor (bronze and troll), then I see what I thought was a meadow so I land and go try to find some deer and maybe some berries or whatnot. As I am wandering the fields I see these friendly looking little dudes come running up to greet me! A welcome party… for me! As they come running up and I am waiting for my hug, they pull out some….gift? Wait, no,, that’s not….DEAD. Little pricks wasted me like I was a mouse.
I respawn, with all my good shit now gone, struggle for hours to get the resources needed for some copper nails for a boat and a modest weapon/armor combo. I set sail to recover my life’s most precious items in the middle of that blasted field. I arrive, all decked out in blue leather… I’m gonna sneak up and get my shit… no little dudes in site… good….creeep along, keep going… aw there it is. Hmm.. what’s that thing up there? Looks like a hummingbird maybe.. oh well what’s the worst that things got? Oh, it’s closer now… looks kinda like a big mosquito… maybe it could bite me? Better be ready with my shield (bronze buckler) just in case..shouldn’t be a problem, just a bug…ZAP… right through my shield and I’m DEAD..
Respawn…..twice more and try again..same results.
I can’t take this anymore. I am thinking of doing a limited cheat regimen (ghost mode) just to recover my corpses… but once the seal is broken, will I be tempted to do more? I am thinking about maybe quitting too.
Any thoughts?


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