Has griefing gotten noticeably worse since Overwatch?

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I stopped playing DotA for a fair while before Overwatch came out, and started playing again recently. The sheer amount of griefing lately is absolutely insane. It seems without fail the carry gets mad at his position 5 and throws away the game, or else mid gets mad at losing and blames his supports and starts griefing. Usually either destroying items, sitting AFK while the base dies, or pretending to play while yelling about how they're going to run in to die intentionally. Before this would certainly happen, but I guess now that just reporting people isn't enough for LP games anymore(?), it doesn't seem like people are concerned.

Does Overwatch actually handle the situations where someone isn't destroying their items but still griefing in a way that's blatant to the team? Before they would have gotten LP from just having enough reports, but if it's not 100% completely blatant OW won't really work (particularly because it doesn't have chat/voice context). I'm also curious why the most blatant behaviours don't have much stricter punishments with Overwatch being able to provide the judgement. Generally people don't seem to care about LP too much, and a few LP games really does not seem fitting for destroying your items and feeding mid in particular.

Anecdotally, it seems about 1/3 of my games have a blatant griefer on one team, which is far higher than it was before. I play Pudge often, so sometimes it's about that, but most often it's the pos 1 yelling at the pos 5 because they died to a lane that's meant to dominate early. I'm curious if this is just me getting some unlucky games, or a common thing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ni5b4s/has_griefing_gotten_noticeably_worse_since/

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