Chinese Dota 2 community drama: people start to calling some games are rigged and xiao8 was betting on LGD’s losses.

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  1. Some people don't understand why LGD keeps giving TS Magnus, and start to accuse xiao8 for the BP decisions (e.g. "game 1 and 2 is just give away free, and the last pick enchantress is just total bullshit, not to mention giving them Magnus" ) and saying the games are rigged.
  2. Xiao8's ex-wife made a post last night after TI10 saying xiao8 lost at least ten millions RMB in various bettings, including DOTA 2 bettings(link: Later that night she posted some "evidence" but apparently, it is only a screenshot about an account on a betting website that seems to be linked (no proof here) to xiao8, where the account made an earning of 5000 RMB on betting LGD's winning.
  3. After the second match of TS versus Secret, one Chinese Dota 2 streamer complained about a game where TS versus VP, where gpk's invoker walked right into Lina and Tiny, knowing they are there and there are sentries from TS, with a cold snap on him, and saying that's just not a mistake that could possibly happen to any professional.


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