Clarification on how the Ping Cap Works

Due to having fast but unstable internet, the ping limits make the game entirely unplayable for me. But this isn't a rant post, and the only reason the above information matters is that it's let me observe a few things about how the cap works.

  1. The idea that it "Kicks you out for having 250+ ping for too long" isn't exactly correct. If you get above 250 ping, the game begins to take note how many times you get above it again. Usually I would pop up to 270 or 300 ping then back down to 30, but it would shortly pop up to that higher range again in a few seconds before leveling out. You don't need a continuous amount of high ping, spurts of it will get you kicked.
  2. The Error messages that appear after the kick seem to have confused a few people. The Error message contains a string of numbers, which you'd assume are an error code. But the numbers are not the same each time, despite you being kicked for the same reason. Some say that one of the numbers is the ping you had when you were kicked, but this also doesn't seem to be correct from testing. Clarification on this would be nice, since as far as i'm aware the numbers could just be there for show.
  3. Character actions will continue on a kicked player until the kicked player rejoins the game. If the player was moving while kicked, the player will walk in place, with the footsteps audible to all players. This also applies to the action and sound of gulping painkillers, or if your character is emoting or speaking. The most entertaining of these by far is the speaking, but it would be very difficult to replicate.

Hope that cleared up any confusion on the Ping Cap. I'm unsure of what a good solution to player complaints on the cap would be outside of making it more lenient on time or raising the ping to 350-400 and seeing responses then. Banning VPNs for the China playerbase issue could also be viable.


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