Companion App – thoughts

Not sure if I’m late to the party here, fairly new to the community, but thought an official companion app for EFT would be a great tool.

Firstly, if accounts are registered to an authenticated cell number, cheaters have an additional hurdle to clear post ban.

Players can use the app for in game messages – quest notifications, insurance returns, flea market sales etc. I hate loosing out on insurance returns because I had a busy work week and forgot about any possible items I insured and didn’t claim. App could also be a tool for checking into quest status and progression on the go (example, in Shoreline, need 3 more scav kills with AKM).

Doesn’t need to have detail and extensive gun customisation or anything, that can stay in the main game, but if you collected any in game maps (if you use those), then possibly use the app to display maps while in a raid for those that like using that material.



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