Console player looking for some encouraging words

PS4. Nearly 2000 hours. King, Admiral, Triple Elite, Fleet Carrier owner.

Love love love this game but the toxicity of the last few months and the news that consoles will be delayed has left me depressed.

Hyping myself up for the future of the game has been what I have clinged to for a few years, but the hype seems to be momentarily dead;

self induced

  • hype for on foot stuff to do
  • hype for Thargoid ground-based combat
  • hype for new SRVs and stuff to do with them
  • hype for ship interiors (yes, I know FDev says nah)
  • hype for a roadmap beyond ‘fix current state of Odyssey’

I know this period of gloom will pass and FDev will fix their game and the eventual console release will be great…

Right now I need to hear:

  • What are you be most excited to do in Elite in a couple years time when all the new features (that have yet to be even mentioned) are in place and the game is in its full glory?

Dream away Commanders



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