Constant server issues

As someone who is somewhat new-ish to Tarkov – been playing around 6 months – I'm curious to know from others who have more gaming and technical knowledge than I do if these consistent server issues are 'normal' for online games. I don't have a big gaming background, but I've played CS a lot over the years as well as some Fortnite here and there, and I don't remember this sort of thing happening, maybe ever.

It's frustrating I guess because you can be in a raid with lots of loot and progress etc and then it blacks out. I realize the game is still technically in development, but from what I understand it's been a few years; do games typically a) stay this long in development, and b) if they do, do they experience hick ups to this degree?

I'm not crapping on the game, it's literally the best FPS game I've ever played, and I'll likely be playing it for many years to come, I just can't help but wonder why a game that's been out for some time can't play with more stability.


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