Continued Betrayal

Epic has not only made money from us from the promise of an "early access game that will be developed over time", but they also feel inclined to make more money from us by introducing an established main character as a PAID SKIN. A character that should have already been playable in the game PRIOR TO GAME COMPLETION. This game "completion" is what we were supposedly promised with the purchase of early access. All we have is the end result is a half baked husk of a promise. Feeling ripped off is a monstrous understatement.

I comfortably made a pass on every previous STW starter pack because they never really made a big impact on the game. Robo Ray and Lok Bot really push the fine line. Sure it was a bit of a cash grab for Epic, but if others wanted to buy them then so be it.

– If you ever wondered why Epic created these Starter Packs, it's evidently the new method of monetizing the STW founder playerbase that can otherwise earn premium currency through regular gameplay.

But when you include an established and beloved character of the story to be a premium skin, that's when you go way beyond the fine line. Lars has been with us since the beginning and many people have grown very fond of him, including myself. Lars has been requested as a hero for a while and more so since the release of the Steel Wool heroes.

To introduce Lars as a premium skin would be to betray the entire STW playerbase.

Epic is very clearly taking advantage of people who are invested their own story.

Long gone are the days of a respectable company but this is a new low. Time and time again they hit rock bottom but they just desperately keep trying to dig for diamonds without any regard for the playerbase.



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