Crafting and Hideout Management not worth trying to master

I´ve been almost a week trying to level up those two skills to the max and despite been crafting all my hours in the game nonstop I think I barely leveled those skills only 3 levels max.

Currently I got Crafting at 12 and Hideout Management at 13. Before I started to try to grind them I think I got them at like 10 and 11 or so. Just a full waste of time in my opinion.

I spent the whole time alternating two recipes in each module like the wiki says, even in the scav case I combine a moonshine run with a money run for my scavs, but this shit barely levels up. At this pace I may spend 2 months like this and after that I would have those skills at around 22-23 or less. Just a complete waste of time and fuel unless you are crafting stuff you need or are a good profit.

TL;DR: just craft what you need or gives you big money. Either way don´t craft at all for the sake of leveling up these two skills.


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